Who is the Radical Soul Newsletter for?

This newsletter is for you if you left the religious tradition you grew up in and you’re seeking new spiritual grounding without appropriating the traditions of marginalized communities.

This newsletter is for you if you’re trying to figure out how to make that religious or cultural tradition you grew up in continue to work for you while staying true to your progressive political and social beliefs.

This newsletter is for you if you’ve experienced religious trauma (or any trauma really) and are trying to figure out what it means to heal.

This newsletter is for you if you’re interested in reading about people and movements that are decolonizing religious or spiritual practices and encouraging a holistic approach to the mind/body/spirit that’s sex-positive and trauma-informed.

This newsletter is for you if you don’t mind reading something that’s hella queer.

This newsletter is for you if you have no idea what the word spiritual is supposed to mean. Me neither. Let’s figure it out together.

About Jera

I’m a former Christian turned Buddhist/lover of tarot/practitioner of spiritual BDSM. I chronicled much of my journey on my former blog, Church of the Scarlet Letter. I also provide fetish services under a different name, which I see as a spiritual service.

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News, profiles, and reflections about modern spiritual movements that center justice, offer healing from religious trauma, and reject white and Christian supremacy.


Columnist for @rebelliousmag, queer, polyamorous, Buddhist/exvangelical. They/them preferred.