Aug 20 • 2M

Rebranding the Podcast

Left-Handed Journeys is becoming the Radical Soul Podcast.

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Jera Brown
Formerly Left-Handed Journeys. Interviews with radical souls about their spiritual journeys, especially centering the stories of queer folks and sex workers. This podcast is part of the larger Radical Soul brand which centers justice, strives to help others heal from religious trauma, and rejects white and Christian supremacy. Want to be featured? Email
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When I started my podcast, one of my primary goals was to collect stories of folks for whom sex and the erotic are significant aspects of their spiritual identities. This remains an important goal of mine — especially centering the voices and stories of queer folks and sex workers.

But I’ve come to realize that the narrow focus of the podcast prevents me from reaching out to people I think would be of interest to listeners.

The focus of this newsletter encapsulates so many things I hold dear. Sex-positivity and queerness are still key, but they’re joined by other aspects of a justice-centered and inclusive spirituality.

With this in mind, I’m rebranding the podcast to match the newsletter. I still plan to prioritize queer folks and sex workers on both platforms — I simply plan to broaden the stories I’m collecting through the podcast to themes beyond the erotic. Expect the topic to continue to show up a lot.

P.S. I’ve been quiet for a bit as I finish up a book proposal for my memoir, which is all about surviving purity culture and why I started providing professional fetish services as a spiritual service. I’ll be working on finding a publisher for this book soon, and I could use your help.

If you get something out of the podcast or newsletter, I’d be very grateful if you could help me expand my online following.

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Thank you so much for your support, and expect new content soon!