Sep 27, 2021 • 49M

Spiritual Drag Artist Bonnie Violet on Identity Doulaship

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Interviews about the role sex, sexuality and all-things-eros have played in people's spiritual identities and practices. This podcast especially centers the stories of queer folks and sex workers.
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In this episode, I talk to Bonnie Violet, a trans femme genderqueer spiritual drag artist and digital chaplain. She shares her story from being diagnosed with HIV at 19 and using drugs and alcohol to compensate for the loss of religious community to becoming a chaplain to learning to embrace her trans-ness through drag.

Bonnie Violet is a YouTuber, Twitcher & Host of a queer chaplain podcast with such series as Drag & Spirituality, TranSpirit & Faith Leaders. Co-host of Splintered Grace with her conservative christian aunt & At the CCC recovery podcast.

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